Tuesday, April 3, 2007

After Party, Purple Success and African Dance

This weekend Paul and I had some friends over for dinner. After we ate we divided by gender and the girl faction made jewelry while the boy faction played with the Wii. I used to make lots of jewelry but have been much more fiber driven over the past few years. It was nice to have someone to make jewelry and drink wine with. The gratification can be so instant with jewelry. Knitting a finished object takes a lot of time, even if it is a small project. I made each of these pairs of earrings in 15 minutes. To be honest that time quote involves many sips of wine, some tool sharing and some jewelry making, so in reality it was probably closer to 5 minutes of actual construction time.

On to knitting...I am making progress on my purple sweater. I am going around and around and around as the world turns. I am sort of a sucker for the mindless working in the round and am enjoying it.

What is adding to the enjoyment is that I took the sweater off the needles a few inches ago to check the fit and IT FITS!!! That is such a relief. I think this will be a very wearable sweater. Simple, but practical. My only worry is that since I plan to adjust the sleeves so that they aren't tapered I may not have bought enough yarn to compensate for the adjustment. I think the yarn is discontinued so it could be a challenge if I need to locate more of it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough. Maybe you Minnesotans will see me wear it when I visit in a few weeks.
You may think with all this crafting to report that I have just been sitting on my booty, but no no no I have been shaking my booty a bit too. I don't generally make New Year's resolutions but since I graduated from grad school in December I have room in my life to consider some changes I would like to make. One of my resolutions was to pursue dance classes. There is a great dance studio in Cambridge called the Dance Complex that offers just the level of commitment I can handle: None! They don't require any advance registration or schedule commitment. You show up when you want to take a class and pay for it. I went on Sunday to the African dance class and loved it. The first half hour was a warm up (Ouch! My legs have not participated in a stretch in a long time!) followed by a half hour of learning the history of and steps to the dance and a final half hour of dancing to the live drum circle. It feels like a big ole party being there with the drumming and the stomping. My ears were ringing when I left. I can't wait to go back. If you have never tried it, I would suggest it.

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