Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Resolutions Accountability and Library Thing

Four months in to the year...time to see how I have been doing. I mentioned earlier that I made New Year's resolutions for the first time since junior high school. Part of my reasoning for embracing the tradition this year was that it might actually be possible to accomplish some of them being that I have finished grad school and am no longer constantly drowning in work. My resolutions included getting married (check!), taking my vitamins regularly (doing pretty good!), stretching (booo! not doing so good on that one.), taking dance classes (have taken one so far, but have hopes for more soon), and lastly, joining a book club (YES!).

The book club is awesome. With all the crafting and netflix and living and dogs and such that I try to fit into non-work hours, it can be easy to slack on the area of reading....which would be sad, because I really like to read. At my book club group we talk about the book, which is nice. But, we also talk about other books and book-related websites. I get all sorts of suggestions and scoops from these ChickLit ladies.

One of the scoops of the evening included Library Thing. From what I heard at the group and from what I saw in my quick perusal of the website, I am psyched. It looks like a much upgraded version of the book journal I have been keeping on my own. I also like the community aspect of it...sort of like a Netflix/Amazon/Book Club hybrid. You should check it out and let me know if you make a public bookshelf. I'd like to know what you are reading.

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