Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"My dog jumps at people"

It was a really nice evening weather wise and Tchazo had a truckload of pent-up energy. I decided to take him to our local, unofficial dog park. We were having a grand ole time. Tchazo was chasing after his frisbee, stealing sticks from other dogs, playing "scratch my butt" with the people at the park, sniffing other dogs and peeing on lots of stuff. Our new neighbor arrived with her Rottweiler and I had a chance to talk to her a bit for the first time since our only other encounter. That encounter had consisted of me in my PJs at her door at 2am letting her know that 2am on a Sunday night was not the best time to be having a sing-along, stomp your feet party in the room above my bed. Everything was all great and dandy until everyone had left save my neighbor and I. This was when a woman arrived with an adorable Golden Retriever. She looked like she wanted to talk so we greeted her and she came over with her dog still on leash. The dogs were all sniffing each other and seeming to get along just fine. The lady says to us, "I'd like to let my dog off leash so he can play but my dog jumps on people." As these last words escape her lips I am looking right at her only to catch, out of my peripheral vision, her dog lunging at me. He latched on to my scarf, which was tied around my neck and nearly strangled me until he broke loose of it. I was shocked for a minute and then I look down to see that the only reason he let go was that his teeth had ripped through my scarf. What the hell?!?! "My dog jumps at people" normally means that "my dog is really friendly and likes to greet people with excitement", not "my dog is a crazed lunatic who latches on to strangers at random." Needless to say that we skedaddled ASAP. On our way out the lady, who had let her dog off leash, was heading the same way as me trying to catch her dog because she was afraid her dog was "going to go after" a lady who was walking through the park.

Hey Golden Retriever Lady, train your dog not to jump on people or else keep us nice dog park folks safe by not bringing your crazy freakin' dog there, PLEASE!

RIP Scarf

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