Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Current WIPs

After all those F.O. posts, I thought it worth posting what is currently in the works.

I am still working on the Bit by Bit Blanket. It is coming along sporadically and slowly, as predicted. With the stitch pattern I am using, it basically requires 2 rows of knitting for every 1 row of length gained.

I am also knitting a version of the Textured Shawl Recipe. I am using the cormo wool from my Spring 2009 share of Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm (now Juniper Moon Fiber Farm) yarn. Because this yarn is all that I can/will get, I needed to make due with the two skeins that I have. I realized when I was nearing the bind-off row that I wasn't going to have enough to be able to knit the edge I wanted to. I sucked it up and ripped it back to almost halfway.

These photos are pre-frogging. The ripping has taken the wind out of my sail for a little bit, so the project is in hibernation for a little while.

I am also working on the Swirl Shawl. I am knitting this with the one skein of Noro Kureyon sock yarn I had in my stash. The yardage is much less than the pattern calls for so I anticipate making this into a scarf that is 2 swirls wide. Watching how the Noro colors behave in this pattern is quite a bit of fun.

In addition to the knitting, I have been making lots of jewelry. I'll tell you more about that later!

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