Sunday, May 30, 2010

Up North for Native Plants

Since this was both a long weekend and the week of my dad's birthday, Paul, Jack, Tchazo and I piled into the car and went up north for an overnight at my dad's house. Paul and my dad worked on getting lumber measured and cut so that we can build pea trellises in our garden. The dogs frolicked and ran and peed and foraged. I was busy digging up native plants that I intend to transplant into our yard.

These columbines are $6 each at the garden store, but the grow like crazy all over my dad's property. I took a few of these, since I really like them.

I also dug up some ferns, lily of the valley, snow on the mountain and even got a few plants from the neighbors, too! They gave us hens and chicks, coral bells and a mystery plant they call everlasting.

The dogs were a bit crowded on the way home. Luckily they were so exhausted they didn't put up too much of a fuss.


  1. You'll love the Everlasting, it grows up here along the roads. It has clusters of little snowball like, white flowers. They dry nicely, thus everlasting. love Casey

  2. Thanks, Casey. Hopefully that is the plant I got. She wasn't sure if that was the name. It was something Gus and Marion had planted.


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