Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been knitting for Christmas, but before we get to those projects, I'd like to show you what I made for my friend Libby's baby. I attended her baby shower earlier this month and, since she is a knitter, I thought long and hard about the right knitted baby gift. I knew that she had been working on a toy and has been known to knit baby hats and blankets in the past, so I avoided those options. I wanted whatever I made to fit longer than a sweater would fit, so I crossed clothing off the list.

I finally decided on a sleep sack with little owls on it. I don't have any babies, but from what I hear putting babies into bed with blankets is a no-no these days. Many people are using wraps and sleep sacks instead of blankets.

Libby's little one is due in February, so we'll see if he likes it and if the wool keeps him warm in the cold Minnesota winter.


  1. Um...that is so awesome! And Zoe promptly named her puppet "Poot!" Thank you so much for doing that. It was amazing and we love it. And it was crazy, too, because she got a similar puppet from Jocelyn (also handmade by someone in OR) for Christmas, so now she has one for each hand. Yours and an alligator from Joc. HOW FUN! Thanks. The sleep sack is soooooo amazing and they are going to LOVE IT--mom and babe and dad!


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