Friday, December 31, 2010


Hey! Merry Christmas! I am late, I know. I got my new camera and have been getting acquainted with it. Here are a few shots from Christmas weekend.

Christmas Eve Day Veggie Tacos with Paul, my dad and my sister. They all managed to make goofy faces at once.

We enjoy messing with our pets sometimes. It is how they earn their keep. In this picture, Tchazo is intrigued/scared of the bubble wrap popping sound.

This year we had 3 days of Christmas.
Day 1 = Tacos and Gifts with Jessy and Dad
Day 2 = Christmas Feast and Gifts with the In-Laws
Day 3 = Brunch and Gifts with Mom and Roger and Jessy.
Notice a theme? Food and presents were in abundance this Christmas.

My mom looked lovely in her just unwrapped, handknit shawl. Also, you know you are from a German family when you ask your mom for Grandma's German Dumpling recipe and when she pulls out her recipe box, there is a whole section called "Dumplings".

Fanny didn't go anywhere for Christmas but she did pose for pretty kitty pictures while I played with my new camera. She and the dogs had a fine Christmas, too. They all got special soft food as well as big rawhides for Tchazo and Jack and catnip toys for Fanny.

I hope your holidays were just what you wanted them to be.


  1. First off I LOVE your table. We gave our pets soft food for christmas too!

    --Trinity from WV
    (I love that we have the same name!)

  2. Great photos! Love to see the results of your new camera!


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