Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Joy of Running Free

The warmth and the light is slowly beginning to return to our part of the earth. It is quite possible that no one is happier about that than Tchazo. The winter in Minnesota is cruel to dogs who have short fur, tender feet and boundless energy.

We recently ponied up for an off-leash permit so that Tchazo can visit all of the Minneapolis dog parks and run free. Tchazo and I spent some quality time at the park over the weekend. The picture on the off-leash sign is true; Tchazo really does fly when he gets there.

The intensity of the car trip to the dog park and the first few minutes there are pretty incredible. For those of you that know him in real life, you know that he can get pretty amped up. The drive to the dog park is the ultimate in Tchazo excitement. I hate it. I have to focus on keeping calm the whole drive while Tchazo paces and whines and cries and yelps and barks all while enclosed in the same small car as I am. We've tried many techniques to help make the car ride more peaceful, but there is just no stopping it. He knows what is coming and he is SO SO SO SOOOO EXCITED! BARK! YELP! EEEEEEE!!!!

And then we get there. He is unleashed into the large open space and he flies! Around and around, this way and that way he goes.

It is nice for us humans to get out in the fresh air, too. Especially when the sky is blue and the snow is starting to melt.
After he gets over the initial release of running like a mad dog, he will generally start to interact with some of the other dogs. Playing keep away with sticks is always a favorite.

And so is finding a stick that weighs the same as you and carrying it around.

There is also the fun part where you shred the stick. Sometimes this leads to a bloody mouth, but that seems to matter very little to him.

Eventually he starts to hold still for a few seconds and set the stick down for a breather.

Paul and I have made it a goal to take him to the park at least once a week because that place is heaven on earth for him. If only we could get a soundproof compartment in the car for him.


  1. Wow, he's catching some serious air!

  2. Tchazo sure does fly!!!! What a great picture of him!! I wish the snow here in Maine would start to melt!!! My dog Sadie doesn't have a lot of places to run right now! Spring needs to move a little faster!


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