Saturday, February 12, 2011

Underwater Basketweaving

This week Missy and I started our basketweaving class through Minneapolis Community Education. As it turns out, the underwater basketweaving idiom is nearly true, as your supplies DO spend a ton of time in water to keep them pliable.

Our goal in this class is to complete a woven market basket. We started with rolls of flat wood/reeds and went from there.

The steps we covered in our first class were:
  1. weave the base of the basket
  2. lock the base with a woven border
  3. pin edges to start the side shaping

I look forward to seeing how this odd looking thing morphs into a real basket. That will be completed in our second class, but I have to wait 2 long weeks for it!


  1. ooooo..... so fun. baskets are super fun to make but very hard on your hands. make sure to keep them lotioned!!!

  2. I never heard that idiom before, but greatly enjoyed reading the wikipedia section on actual underwater basket weaving courses. I liked your post too ;)

  3. That's so cool! I swear you're such a trendsetter - always two steps ahead of the rest of the crafting community. I bet that basketweaving will be all the rage in a year or so :-D

    (BTW, are you learning so that this can be a new "thing", or are you just doing it to have some fun? IOW, are you and basketweaving headed for a long term relationship, or just friends with benefits? :-P)

  4. Thanks, ladies. Kate, you are too kind, calling me a crafting trendsetter! I think me and basketweaving are just having a little fling, but I guess it could turn into something more meaningful down the road. I'll have to wait and see.


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