Monday, May 2, 2011

The rest of the early Easter celebration

In addition to the birthday celebration I posted about yesterday, we were also in Wisconsin to have an early Easter gathering. Michelle and Bill and their kids hosted us for a delicious (and very German) meal with homemade dumplings, sauerkraut, gravy, beans, bread and pork chops with some fruit and veggies on the side. Getting the food out and everyone situated yields a flurry of activity.
Taylor and Mikaela got their very own table beside the big table. These girls knew just what to do when they saw the camera pointed their way!

After we ate, we opened cards and took some photos.

Cousin Hannah took this one so my grandma, mom, sister and I could be in a photo together.

Grandma and Mom

Mom, Hannah, Jessy

Playing Memory

Hannah and Jessy

Despite the chilly weather, the sun was shining so my mom, Uncle Bill, Bill's dog Jack and I went for an afternoon walk.

We saw a pheasant, which does not photograph well in its camouflaged surroundings, and these British Soldier lichen. They are named that because of their little red caps.

The timing also worked out just right so that I could transplant some of my Uncle Bill's rhubarb. My sources tell me that new rhubarb beds take 3 years to settle in before you can harvest. I've transplanted them and have now begun the waiting period. I hope my patience pays off and the neighborhood critters leave it alone.

Thanks to Bill, Michelle, Nicole, Hannah and Spencer for hosting us. It was a delicious meal and a great day.

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