Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tis the season for rhubarb.

Spring in Minnesota means rhubarb! Since I just transplanted some into my own yard this year, I do not have my own yet. Rhubarb is sort of like zucchini here. If you have it, you normally have more than you can use and you don't mind sharing the wealth. I have not yet been offered rhubarb for free and I was growing antsy for that tart, rhubarb flavor, so I ended up buying a few bundles from the farmers' market.

After making and loving the Pear Vanilla Jam from Food in Jars, I knew I wanted more of that true vanilla bean flavor. Which meant I needed to find more affordable vanilla beans. My friend Jamie and I split a 1/2 pound, so now I have a glorious bounty of beans to use. I swooned when the package arrived.

First stop, Vanilla Rhubarb Jam. I followed the suggestion to use Earl Grey Tea instead of water. This turned out soft, as the recipe warned, but I don't mind the loose consistency, especially for when I want to mix it into yogurt, drizzle it over ice cream or have it on top of buckwheat pancakes. Yum.

One thing to note about the recipe, I had almost exactly 2.5 pounds of rhubarb stalks and I was quite a bit short for a full batch. I ended up having to make a dash out to the co-op to buy more. And, of course, I overbought. Stay tuned for what became of the extra rhubarb.


  1. where did you purchase your vanilla bean???

  2. Amy: They were actually from a seller through Amazon. They got great reviews, so we trusted they would be good and they were! The seller is JR Mushrooms & Specialties and the beans are Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans. What are you going to make with them?

  3. I've recently made some brandy vanilla, but the beans are SO expensive and the cheaper ones I get through World Market down here don't seem to be that flavorful. No other plans at the moment...but I'm always looking for something new to try. :D


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