Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things My Cat Broke

This is my cat.
She startles easy. Either that or she has an overactive imagination. She is prone to reacting swiftly to any disturbance in the force. Like, in this photo below. Paul cleared his throat in the other room...and BAM!...she becomes a blur. Most of the time her reaction includes a pretty dramatic skedaddle.

Unfortunately for us, oftentimes her imagination is most active when she is sitting in or next to a window. A few of those windows happen to have glass items nearby. Here are a few things my cat has broken recently.

A vintage candle holder that was part of a set. My sister gave them to us as a housewarming gift.

A lamp that was also part of a set and also vintage.

Lesson for us: Stop putting breakable things near windows.
Lesson for Fanny: Nobody is after you. Stop jumping out of windows like your life depends on it.


  1. Ach, what a shame! That lamp was so cool ... maybe you can hack them both down to the same size so they still match. Or get Fanny to break the other one and call 'em avant garde.

  2. What a little brat - sounds like she and Macbeth are kindred spirits! That little shit has left claw marks on all our legs, windowsills, and furniture backs from his hasty retreats. And yet we love him... :-P

  3. ugh, sid used to break stuff (or put teeth marks in stuff!) all the time! luckily, he totally grew out of it and we have no problems anymore. his was more outright destructive though, not out of scaredy-catness...


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