Monday, August 8, 2011

July Eats

Canning for a New Generation declares this Nectarine Jam to be one of the prettiest jams around. I concur! I mixed white and yellow nectarines for my batch. Not only is it pretty, it is also way easier to make than peach jam because you don't have to peal the nectarines.

Oh, also, it is delicious.

What? You don't have a sink full of cucumbers in ice and a vase full of dill flowers? Why not? It is pickling season! Paul has been making his favorite garlic dill pickles and I am going to try some spiced pickles with our next round of cucumbers.

It is also zucchini bread season. Or, chocolate zucchini bread/cake if you are like me. Chocolate and zucchini are a fabulous combo. This is my tried and true recipe, but I am also looking to branch out this year and try other recipes. Like this one with coffee and cardamom!

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  1. This year I made serrano cucumber pickles and habenero cucumber pickles and both turned out great! I used the brine recipe from the garlic pickles, but subbed rice vinegar instead of white and left out the dill. I did add garlic. So each jar had lots of cucumbers (I made spears), 2 chilis, and maybe 3-4 garlic cloves and the brine. They got rave reviews from my family!


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