Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Violet, Sylvia and Some Knitting

Little Violet went home from the hospital a few weeks ago. She met all of her goals for release and is doing lots and lots of sleeping, eating and pooping at home now.

Jamie is recovering and I am sure she is happy to have everyone under one roof again.

I visited recently to hold Violet and hang out for a bit. Growing is exhausting, so there were big yawns and lots of sleeping happening.

She has grown a lot, but is still teeny, tiny.

When I was holding her in my lap, she made this face and then let out a giant, vibrating poo. Apparently this is normal and didn't phase Jamie. I found it to be shocking, so Jamie got a good laugh at my reaction. I decided then that it was time to hand Violet back over to her mama.

Plus, this little one had a birthday recently and I had brought a gift for her to open.

I think she liked the popsicle molds and the book the best, but I also knit her something.

When Jamie was on bedrest before Violet was born, I visited her and hooked her up with some yarn and a pattern. Jamie had never knit a garment before and, since she was at my knitting mercy with the bedrest and all, I took the opportunity to bully her into a sweater knit-a-long. She is knitting Violet a sweater from the same pattern I knit Sylvia's sweater. Eventually, they will be able to have sort-of matching sweaters for cheesy photo opportunities.

The sweater I knit is detailed on Ravelry. Jamie is making her version out of Malabrigo. Yum. The pattern is called In Threes and I recommend it if you are looking for a simple, versatile little sweater. I added stripes since I was knitting from stash yarn and needed to stretch the yardage a bit.

I raided my button tins for some mismatched vintage plastic buttons. The word on the street is that Sylvia is a fan of pink and purple, so hopefully she will wear this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of Violet and Sylvia. So nice to see the Violet is able to poop at her own house now.. hee hee. Your sweater is beautiful and I too hope that Sylvia will wear it. Hugs.


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