Monday, August 1, 2011

Outing in Outing

I am so terribly behind on blogging! I like to keep the pace as I really enjoy having things preserved here and shared in the case that it might interest you. I've been taking pictures, but finding the time to write and the right words to go with them hasn't been happening. It has been holding me back from posting. In the spirit of not letting too much pass by without posting, I am going to work on getting the images up and just go light on the words. As they say, something is better than nothing!

I just came back from a long weekend in Outing, Minnesota with my mom and a group of her friends. Some of these ladies I have known since I was little, so it was great fun to reconnect with them and to get to know some of my mom's newer friends a little better. We enjoyed the weekend in a lakeside cabin with good food, wine, books, games, knitting, walks, swims and plenty of that summer feeling, which I had been so thoroughly craving.


  1. Fun weekend with great friends and a wonderful daughter!Thanks for posting pics!

  2. Great way to spend a weekend with friends. Beautiful scenery, too. What's on your knitting needles? I'm knitting a Lacy Batkus scarf. A friend borrowed mine and I know I'll never see it again.


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