Thursday, August 25, 2011

Must-make-more Red Pepper Ketchup

Last, but certainly not least in the recap of preservapalooza...Red Pepper Ketchup!

We started with some innocent tomatoes and red peppers. Then we boiled them and peeled their skin off and smashed them and charred them and ripped their insides out. It was a gory mess.

Then, they got added to all of this stuff, cooked for a bit and then pureed.

At this point they cooked and cooked until they turned into the most fabulous ketchup ever made. I don't think I will ever enjoy supermarket ketchup again after tasting this stuff. I must make more! If you would like to make some, you can find the recipe here or in the book Put 'em Up. I direct you to the recipe because it is not likely I will be sharing this stuff :)

And, so this ends the recap of last weekend's preserving madness. But, guess what?! I took tomorrow off from work and I'm going to be making a bunch more things this weekend! I told you I had a huge list and that thing isn't going to finish itself.

I am simultaneously ecstatic about all of these great ingredients and delicious recipes, while also looking forward to when I can just relax and knit and eat all of these goodies while it snows outside. I guess it is a good thing to live in a climate where the seasons regulate the crazy canning and preserving instincts with a blanket of snow.


  1. Trin, your posts are very inspiring! Thanks for updating--have been meaning to say a huge THANK YOU for the lovely instruments you gave us, too! They are a huge hit with Zoe and all members of our household. Thanks for handing down! :)

  2. There's nothing quite like the carnage that comes along with roasting that sort of arrangement. That combination looks delicious!


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