Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soup Swap 2012

Maybe you weren't aware of it, but this past Saturday was a very important holiday in the United States. It was National Soup Swap Day!

I joined a vibrant group of women for a soup swapping and potluck party. The potluck contributions and the soups were plentiful, varied and homemade.

We snacked, chatted, imbibed a bit, even! I spent much of the night talking to these wonderful women, Melissa and Megan.

Holly was our hostess and she wowed us all with her scissor pizza cutting ways and with her truffle oil mushroom pizza. More, please.

Holly's daughter Lydia was in charge of the number selection process we used to determine our soup swapping order.

Fourteen of us brought soup, with most people bringing 6 quarts each. Some people brought 2 or 3 kinds to make up their 6 quarts. That is roughly 84 quarts of soup with around 17-20 different soups!

It was important to browse the soups and recipes, so you could make your selection wisely when it came to your turn.

Before making our selections, we took turns pimping our soups by explaining what we made and boasting about anything that made it special.

Everyone listened very intently.

I took these pictures, which meant I forgot to pay close attention to what people brought. It turns out that enough people brought vegetarian options, that I had no problem coming away with a wonderful variety of vegetarian soups.

A lot of the people at this event know each other from a mothers' group, so there were a few tiny cuties at the party. This mom is a good multi-tasker!

More soup pimping...

And....Holly in her domain!

What a wonderful swap! Thanks to Holly for hosting us and to all of the attendees for the soup that I will get to eat throughout the next few months of the winter.

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