Thursday, February 2, 2012

Strong, Sexy & Stylish

Hello! I would like to introduce you to a few people. These lovely ladies are, from left to right, Karen, Laura and Sally. Sally is a friend of mine, which is how I came to meet Karen and Laura last week.

For a little while now, this trio has been in cahoots under the name Strong, Sexy & Stylish. Their goal is simply stated yet quite complex: teach women to love themselves. Their approach is threefold: write a blog, host a podcast and get out there and talk to/with people.

Last week, they hosted an event titled 9 Steps to a Happier You. Now, I am not normally one for the self-helpy stuff, but these ladies do it well and sucked me in with their humor and enthusiasm. Their steps/suggestions were logical, doable and all based on solid knowledge about fitness, sexual health and the intersection of body image and style. For me, their approach sends 2 consistent messages: 1. You are wonderful as you are. 2. You should take care of yourself in a way that honors that notion. It is important, worth the effort and likely to cause a domino effect of awesomeness for you.

Karen, Laura and Sally really care about their mission. This collaboration builds off of what each of these women do. They each have their area of expertise. Karen represents the strong, Laura the sexy and Sally the stylish. It also helps that they are funny and obviously have fun doing this together!

You can learn more about their backgrounds on their site.

In addition to being strong, sexy and stylish, these women are smart! I look forward to watching their movement of self-love grow. When they take over the world, I will be able to say I was on board from the start. If you want to check them out, they make it easy for you with a podcast, a blog, a facebook page, and more events to come. Linky link for you here.


  1. You are THE BEST! Thanks for this lovely shout-out, Trin.

  2. These gals are awesome! I'm really enjoying the podcast.


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