Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miscellany :: Chicken Coop Tour

Last September Paul and I paid a visit to a neighbor who was taking part in the Chicken Coop Tours event. The Chicken Coop Tours are like a Parade of Homes backyard chicken style. It was awesome. I have been enamored with the idea of backyard chickens for a while, but am letting the idea steep for a while before taking action.

I once read an article in which a fellow Twin Citian recounted her tale of keeping her chickens safe from frostbite. It involved cornering her chickens on a cold, cold day so she could rub vaseline on their tender parts to protect them. Hmmm. That doesn't sound so fun. So, for the time being, I am absorbing chicken knowledge from here and there and trying to gauge how committed I am: vaseline-on-a-cold-night committed or fresh-eggs-on-a-sunny-day committed.

1 comment:

  1. that's an important consideration, you don't live in Miami :) Our landlady is old-school Italian and keeps chickens. I don't think she's ever rubbed vaseline on them. They (and their eggs) are delicious though :)


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