Friday, March 2, 2012

Miscellany :: Pumpkin Tale

Remember that cautionary tale I said I would be telling you? This is it.

One evening, I came home from the gym, motivated to get a bunch of things done before the evening was over. I had lifted weights at the gym, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. Muscles all jello-y, I set about cutting a pumpkin in half to roast. My arms were so weak and the cutting board so slippy, that I was having a really hard time of it. I kept at it, only to have the cutting board slip and the big chef's knife poke me a teeny, tiny bit in the palm of my hand as the board shifted. So close to something that could have been so much worse!

I took a step away to calm down and then stubbornly went back at it. I decided my muscles were too weak to do the job themselves so my next option was to employ my weight to force the knife through. I positioned my body directly above the pumpkin and voila! It worked! I sliced through it! However, in getting into the odd position, I somehow ended up under the cupboard which I then smashed my head into on the way up. Oww!

Still determined not to stop, I needed to get the stem off of the top half of the pumpkin to fit it into the roasting pan. I again tried it with just my arm strength. No dice. I again decided my body weight as leverage was the way to go. I pushed down on the pumpkin with a firm grasp and the stem side down. Yes! The stem broke off. However, after it broke off all of my body weight continued forward causing my fingers to be totally smashed between the pumpkin and the counter. Throbbing pain!

So, 3 injuries later, the pumpkin finally made it into the oven. Moral of the story: don't lift weights and then try to cook. Bad things will come of it! Or, if you prefer, jello arms and knives do not a good match make!

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