Monday, April 30, 2012

Recent Happymaking Tidbits

I like going to the dentist in the way that other people like going to get their nails done.
It makes me feel manicured in my mouth.

I recently organized our spices.  Some of them used to be in these tins and it wasn't working out so well.
The reorganization creating a nice trickle down effect.
Spices are now organized in airtight containers and my earrings now live in these cute tins with glass lids.

Riding the train when it is hot out is like being in a moving art gallery what with all of the tattooed Minneapolitans (Minneapolites?) there are. I feel similarly about the locker room at my gym. In fact, this week I saw an 60-something woman with a tattoo smack dab on the middle of her butt cheek.

Bottling Kombucha
This has become a staple beverage in our house within the past few months.
I've enjoyed getting better at making it bubbly and adding flavors.

Somebody left a withdrawal slip for 10 million dollars in my work's drop box. I do not work for a bank, so I have to imagine that someone thinks our drop box functions like throwing coins in a fountain.

We finally painted our bedroom walls.  We completed the paint job a few months ago and I am still happy every time I go in there and see the color.  Good riddance dusty purple walls!

The garden is tilled and the peas are planted!  Tilling is hard work, but very satisfying.  We skipped tilling last year and our garden didn't do as well.  Here's hoping the tilling does the trick this year!

We have been working on clearing out our pantry and freezer to make room for this year's harvest.  It is immensely satisfying to make up meals based around the dehydrated, canned and frozen ingredients we have on hand.  The everything-but-but-the-kitchen-sink style meals have been turning out pretty tasty, too!

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