Monday, July 9, 2012

Attempt at a Guinness World Record

Here is the crew.  Our goal?  To join thousands of other hula hoopers and make a new Guinness World Record for most people hula hooping in one place.

The hosts and organizers: Booya!

If you didn't already own a hula hoop, you could get hooked up for $5.

We brought our own.  They have fancy color tape on them.

Ever wonder how thousands of hula hoopers can be counted?  The answer is to divide them into groups of 50 with a spotter for each group.  The group locations were sprayed on the grass.

We had a lot of time to practice.

Things got crazy.

There were other fun things happening at Loring Park that day.

In case you were not aware, it is endlessly entertaining to watch people hula hoop.  Everybody has their own style and majority of people look pretty comical.  There were fancy hoop dancers, there were subtle swayers, there were people who did goofy things with their hands to keep them out of the way and then there was this girl.  She put her all into making that hoop go around.  I would describe her style as a mashup between headbanging, Elvis Presley hip shaking and a merry-go-round. Miss Minnesota liked her, too.

Sadly, we did not have nearly enough people to break the record, but we did do a round of simultaneous hooping.

I held my camera up high over my head and took some pictures while hooping to see what I could capture.  I mostly captured the tops of trees.  Oops.

Thanks to Paul for carrying the hoops so I could take pictures.

Thanks to my mom for bringing an extra hoop so Paul could hoop, too.

Thanks to Jessy for being the ringleader.

And, thanks to Nice Ride for the heads up on fun events like this around town. Their motto is a great one: Grab Summer by the Handlebars!  Hula hooping in the park on a sunny Sunday morning while a band plays definitely feels like summer!

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