Monday, July 23, 2012

Paul's Birthday - Daytime

As per tradition between Paul and I, it is up to the non-birthday person to plan the birthday events.  It is so much fun to craft a day (and evening) that you hope will delight, entertain and honor the things the person you love loves.  And, to up the ante even further, the birthday person is kept in the dark so they get to experience a birthday full of surprises!  I think Paul had a memorable day yesterday.  Here are some photos so you can share in the fun!

Breakfast at Wise Acre Eatery

The restaurant is the end source for the food grown at Tangletown Gardens' farm and across the street from the garden center.  This means the grounds are lush with beautiful plants, the tables are adorned with fresh flowers and the food is from scratch, fresh and utterly delicious!

After that, we needed to get moving!  Since Paul was so good at climbing at the park, I decided to bring him to Vertical Endeavors, where the climbing is as challenging as you want it to be.

It was our first time there, so we had an orientation where we learned when to look up and how to use the auto belays.

Auto belays are awesome!  We got to climb until our arms and legs were shaky and our hands were raw. 

The colored tapes help you to climb the same wall with greater challenges.  You can climb limiting yourself to one color, which is much harder!

It is still intimidating to me, but I like it!

Birthday present time!

He liked his gifts!

Lunch at Namaste Cafe

This dish in the front was like a "Nepali Nacho"

Paul was having a good day!
There is more to come!  I am splitting it into two posts because this post is already a bit gargantuan.  Stay tuned for pictures from our border-crossing evening!

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