Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Weekend on Mad Island

We are back from a whirlwind of a summer getaway!  It was just what I needed, albeit all too brief.  The photos (and captions) will do the rest of the talking.

Destination: Madeline Island, Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Our car was the very last one on the ferry.
We thought for sure we would be left behind.
It turns out they can squeeze a surprising amount of cars on the ferry boats.

We were happy to catch that ferry because we had friends on it!
In fact, the island was full of our friends this weekend!

Dinner by the water

Magic Hour at the beach

I have long been craving the beach.
We didn't have very much time to spend there, but I soaked up every wonderful minute of it.

We were hosted by family friends Kevin and Casey and Spanky, their charming dog.

A morning hike along the shoreline at Big Bay State Park

The deer on the island are nonplussed by people.
This one didn't want us to get too close, but was perfectly fine going about her business if we kept our distance.
It was so neat to watch!  She had a snack and then took a rest in the evening sun.

The main event! Carrie and Kevin's beach wedding was what brought us and many others that are near and dear to us to the island that weekend.
In this moment, Carrie's parents are offering to share her with Kevin but they are advising him that they won't be giving her away!

After Carrie took the figurative plunge, she took the literal plunge off of a cliff into Lake Superior.
A brave and fun bride, she is!

The island is such a relaxing place to be.  

I hope that the next time I go, I get to stay for longer and that I get to spend some time out on a boat!
Congratulations to Carrie and Kevin and many thanks to Casey and Kevin for the place to stay.
If you are looking for a getaway in the Midwest that feels like Martha's Vineyard, Madeline Island is it!

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