Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcoming Simon

Our friends Mark and Jerri and their little girl Zoe have a new family member! Simon! After giving them a few weeks of buffer to settle into a new rhythm, Paul and I went for a visit.

We came bearing gifts (a set of mitered cotton washcloths for Simon's bathtime) and dinner (curried cauliflower and lentils, bread, cheese, fruit and chocolate).

More details and washcloth pictures available on Ravelry.

Big sister Zoe showing how talented she is at helping care for Simon already. Zoe knows about babies and she certainly knows about digital cameras!  She stated, "Send that to my mom!" after each picture I took of her.  

And she knows how to ham it up! A partial family photo here, with lovely Jerri, an alert Simon and a silly faced Zoe.

Mark shared a wonderful beer with us that had a bit of ginger in it.  I am really coming to appreciate how diverse beer can be.  My beer education is definitely being fast-tracked as a product of being married to Paul.  Beer is something Paul and Mark have in common, so it was fun to partake a bit while we were there. We limited ourselves, though, because after our visit, we went to a brew pub for a special cask beer release.  See what I mean about my beer education!

Simon tolerated our visit just fine with a few fussy seconds here and there.

Mostly he was blissed out and sleeping happily. As his outfit proclaimed, he is "hoppy" to be him. We were "hoppy" to meet you, Simon!


  1. Cute! Can't wait to meet this guy myself, but in the meantime, I'm loving all the photos. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you so much, Trinity! What a lovely set of photos you sent. So glad you guys came over bearing such lovely gifts and goodies! Thank you again ever so much! Beautiful post.


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