Friday, April 5, 2013

Silk Herringbone Cowl

So soft!  So smooth!  So cuddly!

My new silk cowl made from Debbie Bliss Pure Silk is going to become a favorite; I can tell already.

I made up this pattern.  It is a simple tube made out of the herringbone stitch pattern from Barbara Walkers 1st Treasury of Stitch Patterns.  I worked 3 garter stitch bumps on both ends.  My bind off edge is a crocheted bindoff as it worked a mirrored magic to the long tail cast on in this project.

The tube is long so I can let it bunch up on my neck for a looser look or I can fold it in half for double warmth and a bit more structure.  I was tempted to keep going since I had a 3rd skein, but I stopped after 2 skeins and I think it was the right choice.

Now, fingers crossed that the weather soon gets too warm for me to wear this.  I'd be okay with that :)


  1. I love cowls, and this one is beautiful...Great job..(I'm not creative, I always need a pattern). I agree with you about the weather. In the 20's now, next week the 70's. Maybe we are going right into summer...Have a great weekend.

    1. 70's! You are lucky! We are seeing snow flurries here this evening. I am hopeful the 70's find us soon.

      Enjoy your weekend as well!


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