Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Winter That Won't Let Go

One of the amazing things about the part of the world that I live in is that it has 4 distinct seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  That is not so much the case this year.  As the local weatherman has said, this year we have Sprinter. Evidence: On April 19th, I awoke to a backyard that looked like this:

Over the next few days, that snow mostly melted away, partly due to some cold rain storms.  Then, on April 23rd, I awoke to this:

I had regretted not grabbing my camera on my way out the door after that earlier storm, so you can bet I didn't make that mistake twice.  I  took a few shots on either side of my morning bus ride and marveled at the trees during the ride.   The world was flocked, like they do with fake Christmas trees!

It was hard not to be taken in by the beauty...even if all of this snow is robbing us of a proper spring and pushing back our growing season!

We are predicted to have weather in the 70s F this weekend.  Fingers crossed that we make some progress towards the spring we are all craving so very much.


  1. Wonderful pics, Trin! Even if I am tired of the cold temps, the snow was still beautiful! Love, Mom

  2. Fingers crossed for a warm weekend We still have our snow shovels out, just in case.


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