Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shepherd's Harvest 2013

Well, that is a mighty hefty amount of knitted goods on one person, eh?  That is because I was dressed and ready for the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival and there are no limits on how many knit items you can wear when going to a fiber festival.

The festival is held annually at the Washington Count Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo and has become an annual tradition for me.  It is the biggest and best outdoor fiber event in Minnesota.

I was feeling the siren song of spinning, weaving (of various sorts) and rug hooking yesterday.  I say it was a siren song, because I want to focus on knitting and sewing and jewelry making this next year and adding in more crafts would spread my time and energy too thin.  So, I just took some photos and stepped away from the temptation.

These spinning wheels from Hansen Crafts were new to me.  Are any of you spinning like this?

Flax processing demo

whack! whack! whack! flax.

Hillside Honey!  I got a jar last year and this year I got two!  The price is quite fair and the honey is delicious!  I go through a lot of honey with my weekly granola batches, so it feels wonderful to have a honey stash in the cupboard.

This little boy was really fun to watch.  The musician was playing a jaw harp just for him.  The music made the kid bounce up and down subtly, mesmerized.  Totally fun to watch their interactions!

peg loom weaving

The weather was intense at the festival.  We experienced rain, snow, sleet, and ice as well as brutal winds and a few precious moments of sunshine.  Everyone was really bundled up!  My friends and I had packed a picnic, which we ended up eating in the car.

Rug hooking - Hooker's Wood & Wool

If you wanted to impulse buy a bunny, the offer of to go boxes made it entirely possible.

Rag Rug Weaving - This one was really hard for me to walk away from.  It seems really gratifying!  I took a pamphlet from J. Eldon Co. and will possibly get one of these looms in the future.

 A peak of sunshine!

Other than the honey, I purchased 3 cones of Habu Silk/Stainless Steel yarn and 2 skeins of Merino Laceweight yarn (Sun Valley Fibers).  I plan to make Paulina with these two yarns held together.

A few more notes:
I also liked Brickyard Pottery's sheep pottery.  A sheep spoon rest might be in my future.
I plan to keep this fall fiber festival on my radar.
I'm not exactly sure what this Sheep & Fiber Farm Tour is, but I am excited to find out.


  1. It was so good to see you at the Fest, yeah!
    The yarn is beautiful, it will be a great color for you.

    1. Casey, yes! It was so nice to run into you! I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with you before you headed north.

      About that color...I realized when I got home that I have quite a thing for that color. I am writing this sitting in a room that is painted that color and am about to go finish up my Buttercup sweater which is also knit in this color. Good thing I like it so much that I am unlikely to tire of it.

  2. Beautiful color. Perfect for Spring....If it ever arrives.. Can't wait to see the finished sweater and Buttercup, too.

  3. Hoo, that Sun Valley is divine.


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