Monday, May 27, 2013

Yes! And, no thanks.

There are some definite signs of spring happening around here!  Hooray for lilacs in bloom and rhubarb a-growin'.

I made the first rhubarb crisp of the season this weekend.  Tart and sweet and nutty: delicious!  I followed this recipe but added a few tablespoons of chopped, crystallized ginger.  The crisp ended up a bit too watery, but still made for a great spring breakfast with some yogurt on top.

Now on to the stressful part of my week.  On Thursday, Tchazo had an ultrasound to investigate some alarming blood work results.  The jury is still out on what his issues are but we have eliminated some really dire and major diseases, so that is positive.  He is now eating special, prescription food to see if it will help his organ functions.

Then, the same day Tchazo got his ultrasound, Fanny started to get really sick.  She was vomiting, lethargic and stopped eating and drinking.  When I got home from work on Friday she had some new symptoms that scared us enough to bring her into the emergency vet.  Long story short, after 3 visits, many xrays, IV fluids, medicine, special food, hundreds of dollars and many, many hours of stressful time for us, she is on her way to being fully recovered!

Waiting for the vet's office to open.
Fanny was happy to explore the car since she was feeling a bit better on Sunday.
We were really scared there for a while when xrays showed she had an intestinal obstruction that may need surgery; a $4000 emergency surgery.  Saturday morning, when Fanny wasn't improving much, the emergency vet referred us to Mission Animal Hospital as a possible place to get the surgery at a lower rate.  We are so grateful for the referral.  Dr. Melanie was amazing and the costs of the visits to Mission were a fraction of what the emergency vet charges.

We are relieved to have everyone at home and acting like their normal selves.  I hope things are smooth sailing for a bit on the pet health front.  We've definitely had our share of pet worries over this last year or so.

During the bits of time where I wasn't watching Fanny like a hawk, I worked on getting our garden planted.  We are almost done planting and I'm really excited about it this year.  As soon as we get past this grey and gloomy weather, I plan to get pictures of the garden spaces and of a few finished garments that haven't made the blog yet.

Here's hoping your weekend was a lot more relaxing than mine!

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  1. What a stressful weekend you had....How are Tchazo and Fanny doing? (and you and Paul)? I always feel so helpless when the pets are ill. Glad you were able to go outside and plant the garden....Oh and just a note, we, also, had to change to a prescription food for organ failure for our pup and everything worked out well. Keep me posted......(our garden is not planted yet. We had two days of frost. The plants are just sitting in their pots with tomatoes on them).


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