Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beer Tasting

first pour of the evening
As you probably know by now, Paul is really into beer and some of his friends are, too.  Last month, a few of them got together for a tasting.  Each person brought one or two special bottles of beer and everyone tasted each beer.  Since we were hosting, I got in on the tasting, too.  It is really fun to have a small portion and pay really close attention to the flavors (and color and mouth feel and all of that fancy stuff).

Since then, more people have shown an interest in participating and the decision was made to make this a monthly event.  Here are a few pics from 2nd tasting, which was primarily held on our back deck (yay!).





Ryan and one of the beers he brought

This time I wasn't the only girl!  Ryan's girlfriend Beth was there, too.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of her but I did get some pictures of the cute bottle cap candles she made.  I've come to realize the person to my immediate left tends to be missing from my pictures in settings like these.  The lens I use likes a bit more distance from my subject.  Next time I will have to make a point of switching seats for a bit.  Sorry, Beth!

I enjoyed the tasting while knitting away on my Buttercup.

We went through a lot of pretzels as both a palette cleanser and a strategy for warding off the buzz.

photo by Paul
The lineup of the beers we tasted.  My favorites were from Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company.  Bonus: the swingtop bottles get reused for kombucha!


  1. No worries, Trin! I like the pics of my BF and my beer cap candles better, anyway. :D
    Thanks for host/essing!

  2. Nice candles, Beth! And I love that Buttercup design, can you let us know how you like the pattern, Trinity?


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