Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trinity Stays Home

After 5 days away, I am really excited that Paul is on his way home.  He has been in the boundary waters with some friends where there is no cell reception, no stores, no facilities.  Before he left, I took a picture of him with all of his gear (Yep!  That is a keg of homebrew he is holding.).  If the weather on the internet was correct, this was the only time he was dry on the entire trip. I am sure he will return with lots of stories.  He made this video of the trip he took with this same group last year.

BWCA 2012 from PnT Vs the World on Vimeo.

While Paul was hanging out off the grid Tchazo, Fanny and I stayed home and had some good bonding time.

Occupy Tchazo's Crate
I had really wanted to spend the weekend getting our plants and seeds in the garden but the weather did not cooperate.  It has been one big rainfall after another lately, which means the ground is too wet to work even in the times between the storms.  I am aching to get out there and plant, so I really hope this coming weekend fairs better.

I have been enjoying eating as many meals as possible outside.  A particularly enjoyable one included a brand new issue of Interweave Knits and a wonderful gin and seltzer.  For the record, I am a big fan of using seltzer instead of tonic water.  It really lets the gin shine!

After nearly 4 years, we finally have a complete set of deck furniture!  We had the table and chairs custom built for us by Putzin' Bob. We got the table last year and I just picked up the chairs over the weekend.  They are made from reclaimed redwood deck boards and old picnic table parts.  The table needs a coat of sealant to bring the wood color back and then it will be a matching set.  I can't wait to host dinner parties back there this summer!

Tchazo and I found windows of time between rain storms each day to take walks.  He is such a great dog. He gets a little nervous when Paul is gone and walks help calm him down.  I've enjoyed taking new routes each time and taking note of all of the landscaping and plants in my neighbors' yards.

I spied Fanny keeping watch over the neighborhood and the passing cars.

My job has been really busy lately and so have my evenings and weekends.  It was really marvelous to have had this past weekend focus on doing things at home.  No schedule to follow.  No words necessary.  Even though I couldn't get into the garden like I wanted to, I was able to scheme up some landscaping and planting ideas, go shopping for supplies and plants and get a lot of other house projects done.  I re-caulked the bathtub (mold sucks!), did a major purge of the file cabinet (copies of every lease I've ever signed? gone!), cleaned out the garage (sort of - it is still a mess), donated stuff to the thrift store (good riddance!), cooked (simply), cleaned (lots of rain = muddy floors) and even relaxed a bit (watched an entire movie!). As much as I love to go go go and be social, sometimes what my soul needs is some time at home with companions who set a good example for soaking up the day.

I am getting closer to feeling recharged but will remember the lesson I've been relearning: sometimes no plans are the best plans.

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