Saturday, August 2, 2014


We live next door to a rental home.  In June our neighbors, whom we will not miss, were evicted from the house and left their cat behind.  The cat they weren't even supposed to have! This didn't become known to us until the handyman who was there cleaning out the house asked if we might be able to find a home for her.  He had been feeding her for 3 weeks, biding time, perhaps hoping the family would come back for their pet.  When he let us know about it, the situation had come to a head and the landlord was working with the city to have the cat removed from the house.  We asked to meet the cat and found she was super friendly and so hungry for affection!

We put a call out to see if anyone would want to adopt this cat we knew next to nothing about other than she had lived in a house with a huge family that had kids of all ages and that she was friendly towards us.

Paul's mom came up as an option and she was willing to take her in! Before we brought her over to Joanne's house, we spent some time with her on our front porch making sure she was healthy and as friendly as we experienced when we met her.  Yep and yep!  She is an awesome cat!

It was hard to get pictures of her because she kept dive bombing my hand to get more affection.

Her purr was SO LOUD!  She even drooled on my lap because she was so blissed out.

Since she passed all of the tests, we loaded her up and brought her to her new home.

She didn't love the car ride, but I have yet to meet a cat that enjoys the car.

This kitty got a major upgrade.  From a beat up rental home...

to the posh suburbs!

She has a name, now, too.  She is Ooma (object of my affection).  We think she has found a forever home.  We saw her again last weekend and I am happy to report she is totally settled into her new home and exhibiting polite cat behavior (i.e. using the litterbox and refraining from eating houseplants).  Success!


  1. Oh I love this story, nice work, cat heroes!

    1. Yay! I love that this story had a happy ending!

  2. I thought for sure you were adopting her. So happy for Joanne and Ooma.

    On a sad note, our 16 year old Whippet, Bailey, passed away two weeks ago at home. Our other two pups, sat beside her before she died. We are all slowing getting back to our routines.

    So glad you had a great vacation this year. Enjoyed the pictures.

    1. Mary Lynn, I was really, really tempted to keep her to myself but we want to be a 1 cat and 1 dog household going forward, so I am really glad we found her a home where I still get to see her from time to time.

      I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Bailey. 16 is a good long life for a doggy but I imagine it was still quite hard to say goodbye.


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