Sunday, August 17, 2014

PopUp Dinner - Thomas Lowry Park

Oh my! This summer is just going by way too fast! I haven't been in this space much, but hope to eventually catch up with sharing some summer highlights like Paul's birthday, chicken shenanigans and how in love I am with blueberries. For now, please enjoy some scenes from the second annual Twin Cities PopUp Dinner.

Our second time around with this event proved to once again be a fabulously whimsical experience.  This year the quaint setting, Thomas Lowry Park, had a English garden party feel. The setting last year was very grand and expansive. Each location was wonderful in its own way. HandMade Events has done a superb job in choosing their locations.

Our table was under the grape arbor which was nice because it provided us with some shade on a very summery evening, i.e. hot and humid with little to no breeze.

My mom deserves the credit for snagging the great table and lavishly decorating it with sterling silver and crystals.

From appetizers to desserts, the collaborative meal was beautiful and delicious.  From the looks of it, the same was true of everyone's dinners!  Table ogling is encouraged, so let me share a bit of that with you.

These beautiful ladies were making their floral accessories right at their table!

There were no albino squirrels this year, but there was a faux chicken that watched over one table.

We took a lot of pictures together:

Me, Jamie

me, my mom

We may have gotten a bit slap happy by the end of the photo taking.

Me and my moms! From L to R: Joanne (my mother-in-law), Charleen (Jamie's mom and my 2nd mom growing up), Me, my mom
Not included in the above photo shoot, but integral members of our PopUp table were:
My mom's good friend Deb, who came last year and returned with her daughter Lisa this year. The mother/daughter theme to our table was coincidental, but turned out to be a pretty neat dynamic.
Finishing out our table was my new friend from my book club, fellow knitter and wine bringer extraordinaire Kate. Props to Kate for jumping in to the mix and holding her own!
Thank you to the ladies whose fun loving spirits make the event so memorable.

The white napkin wave to mark the start of dinner!

Our vegetarian, gluten-free meal was really delicious, healthy and colorful!

After dinner, the event shifted a bit towards dancing and imbibing.

The tables transformed as the candles and lanterns were brought to life.

The whole group made it out to the dance floor!

The paper lanterns made a comeback, although not a great one since the air temperature was a bit too hot for them to really take off.

Lively story telling and chatting was the norm all over the party from start to finish.

Then at 10pm, everything got packed up and we all went off into the night!


  1. I love Thomas Lowry Park. How fun! The last photo with the clouds and sky is lovely!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those appetizers with the cucumber and yellow tomatoe looked yummy. What were the other ingredients? What a great picture with your "Mothers". Glad the weather cooperated.


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