Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lady Sunnyside Cardigan

It seems that lately I have a whole lot more to say about sewing than I do about knitting. I think it is related to the fact that I still have so much to learn about sewing before I feel skilled enough to execute projects in the way that I want to. This is sort of a funny place to be in being that my internet alias is a word play on my name and knitting. Even thought I don't have a lot to say about it, I still enjoy it and am still happily chugging away on projects. I am also still one to finish seasonally inappropriate garments. Case in point: Lady Sunnyside, pattern by Tavis Lavallee.

I had a few false starts with this sweater as it starts in the back center of the neckband and works out in both directions from there. I was a terrible pattern reader and kept messing it up. When I started over for the 3rd time, I vowed to read and follow it closely and it worked out perfectly.

The yarn is a wool/cotton blend that from Cestari Yarns that I got at a deep discount from a vendor at Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in 2014. I think the yarn was about $14, which means it is quite possible that the button and yarn costs were about equal!

Bonus content: We tried to do a little family photo shoot with the tripod, camera and timer on our recent trip. It didn't work out super well focus-wise, but we did capture a few fun moments together before the mosquitoes became unbearable.

Thanks to Paul for taking all of the sweater photos in this post!


  1. Love the sweater! It looks great.

  2. I just saw the critter banner, I love it! The sweater is beautiful too. I think that I am working on a sweater that started in a similar way. I like how it turned out after I figured it out.


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