Wednesday, August 5, 2015

White Lake Trip - Gooseberry Falls State Park

After we checked out of the cabin, we realized we just weren't quite ready to head back yet. We wanted to squeeze just a little bit more beauty out of our time in Northern Minnesota so we went to Gooseberry Falls State Park.

It was a bit like returning to our roots as this was the first place Paul and I ever camped together. We went on a trip to this park after I had gotten my first dog, Jack. At that point, Paul had claimed Tchazo but hadn't yet brought him home. We camped here again after both dogs had joined our family right before we moved to the east coast. So, it was almost fated that we should bring our new dog to see this park.

Since we were limited on time, we stuck to hiking the shoreline and skipped the falls trails.

Lake Superior feels oceanic, but it was still a surprise to spot this National Ocean Survey marker.

We now know that waves and brooms are 2 things that hype Uli up. He was bounding up and down the shore line, fueled by the motion and sounds of the waves.

He really prefers when we stick together. His people forging too far ahead or lagging too far behind concerns him. It melts my heart a little to see him looking back for me.

He was pretty tuckered out at this point in our trip, but his excitement for being somewhere new and not wanted to be left behind kept him going wherever we went.

Lunch and tasting flights at Castle Danger Brewery capped off a great 5 days of cabin vacation for us while Uli would have preferred to be napping on his pillow in the back of the car.

Soon enough that was just what he was doing and we were on our way home. At some point, I hope to return to camping for these kinds of retreats but for now this cabin with its secluded, spring-fed lake is my most favorite spot for a relaxing, restorative summer vacation.

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