Saturday, August 1, 2015

White Lake Trip - Around the Cabin

It was so much fun last year that we did it again! Same place, same time of year but this time we had Uli along!

The cabin is right on a lake, so Uli got to spend lots of time in and around the water.

We didn't have any trouble burning off his energy!

Paul did have a bit of trouble trying to fish with Uli around, though. As it turns out, casting a line looks an awful lot like throwing something for Uli to fetch. Thankfully, he reeled in his line quickly enough that he didn't catch an Uli. We now have one more thing to train Uli on/around because Paul definitely wants Uli to be his fishing companion in the future.

As with our last trip, it stormed a few times. I didn't mind because I go up there to unplug, slow down and set aside agendas and to-do lists. A rainy day up there means that I get to indulge in lots of reading, napping and hot beverage sipping.

We bring our own food and make our meals together. The caretakers had planted a large pot of mixed greens for renters to use so we happily added that to our quinoa patty meal. I love having plenty of time and energy to create satisfying meals with my love. The wine drinking is nice, too.

We usually venture out on short walks around the cabin, but the main attraction is definitely the water.

Evenings on the lake were filled with loon sounds and sightings, firefly shows, evening sky views full of stars and even a few glimpses of the meteor shower. One of the evenings a storm rolled in and provided us with an amazing lightning show across the lake.

We also had a very inquisitive squirrel visit us regularly.

Uli is starting to figure out that sometimes squirrels go UP.

Uli had such a wonderful time being around his people 24-7 in such a fun setting. He couldn't understand why we would leave this paradise!

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  1. You guys know how to do Up North. That place looks wonderful. So glad Uli took to it well. #bestdogever


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