Monday, August 3, 2015

White Lake Trip - Temperance River State Park

As much as we love lounging around the cabin, the trails call to us, too! There are way too many beautiful parks and hikes around the north shore of Lake Superior to stay put at the cabin. This year, we fit in visits to 2 parks. The first of which was Temperance River State Park.

We visited on a rainy Monday. That meant I wore an awesome poncho. But, more importantly, it meant that after we got away from the main waterfall that is a short distance from the parking lot, we had the trail system to ourselves. We hiked for 4.5 hours without seeing another person!

I didn't take a lot of pictures on this visit because of the rain and because whenever I stopped to take a picture one of 2 things happened: Paul complained that the bugs were getting him and commenced slapping his neck OR Paul kept going and Uli got concerned that I was getting left behind.

There were a few times where the rain cleared enough to give us a hazy glimpse of Lake Superior.

Half of our hike was on the Superior Hiking Trail but the other half was on a much lesser known trail that is used by skiers in the winter.

We suspect we might have been the first hikers on that trail this year as the grass was up to our thighs and there were many places where we had to wade through water and mud to keep going. At one point, I stepped in what I thought was a solid stream bed only to find myself up to my knees in gooshy muck. Apparently the look on my face provided comic relief to Paul and at that point, my pants were so soaked the added layer of mud hardly made a difference

The project I have been knitting lately is with a colorway of yarn called Birch Bark. The inspiration is evident in this picture!

Another attraction that had me stopping on a regular basis were these tiny wild strawberries. It is hard to tell in this blurry photo, but the strawberries are about the size of a large pea and are pops of watery, tart, sweet, childhood-summer-reminders.

This was our first hike with Uli apart from visits to the dog park and being at my Dad's house with him. Our training efforts have paid off! Since we had the trails to ourselves, he was off leash for the majority of the hike and never strayed farther from us than we were comfortable with. This bodes well for a long life of Trinity/Paul/Uli outdoor adventures.

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