Monday, January 25, 2016

Jessy Gets a Kitten

My sister Jessy has had a lot of big things happening in her life lately. She moved, got a new job, had a birthday and got a new kitty!

Her Moonchi kitty came into her life right around her birthday so her birthday presents, cards and events all tended toward a Crazy Cat Lady theme. She embraced it.

The man of the house, Atreyu, is a little taken aback by Moonchi's energy but they are finding their groove.

I wonder if Jessy wished for a year of adventure. If so, it is already coming true because we spontaneously booked a trip to Costa Rica together!


  1. OK, I'm a month behind in catching up on your blog... But Costa Rica! Fun! When are you going?

    1. Hi Beth! I am leaving on Tuesday, super early in the morning. Wrapping up my packing today!


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