Saturday, January 23, 2016

Madison Favorites and a Pack of Dogs

The capital of Wisconsin and friends Sara and Josh beckoned us over the border for a visit in October. When we set out in the car, Uli had no idea the dog party he was headed to!

After a lot of knitting time in the car and a stop for dinner en route, we arrived!

We enjoyed a little sightseeing, a show and some good meals together.

We were only in town from Friday to Sunday, but I already have a short list of favorites for Madison:
My favorite meal was brunch at Umami (I'm still dreaming about the potstickers I ate. I had to go buy a bottle of St. Germain to try and recreate their Pamplemousse cocktail).
Favorite dessert goes to MSCo Patisserie.
Favorite art shop goes to Hatch Art House.
Favorite local pottery from Toast Ceramics.
Props to the Willy Street Coop for providing what we needed to stock up for the drive home.

And, that dog party! This is 4/5 of the dog pack for the weekend. Sara and Josh have 3 dogs and were fostering another dog. You add Uli to the mix and it made for a lot of dog shenanigans and entertainment. Willow, the Black Lab, was kind enough to loan her crate to Uli for the weekend, so everyone got the rest they needed at night and this crew got their workout at the off leash park during the day. Can you tell which one of these dogs is used to having his picture taken by me?

You know it was a good weekend when the ride home looks like this:

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