Monday, December 3, 2007

Taza Chocolate Tour

Somerville has its own chocolate maker! On Sunday, Taza Chocolate opened its doors to give tours and chocolate samples to hordes of people. The turnout on a chilly Sunday afternoon was pretty impressive.

Perhaps, the promise of samples was enough for people to bundle up and head out the door.

Beth and I went together. Before the tour started we were eyeing a machine and attempting to determine its function. We were both stumped but were later informed that it was a winnower. I learned a lot about the process and was happy to hear of all the relationships and traditions that this newly created company is maintaining.

The beans they use are organic and are grown on small farms in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

I have never really given thought to the "Stone Ground" wording on their label. We got to see the machine and the grinding stones that are used in the process. They are truly big ole stones.

We also learned what the percentage means on chocolate bars. If you buy a 70% Dark chocolate bar from Taza you are getting chocolate that is 65% caca0, 5% cocoa butter and 30% sugar (there is also a little bit of vanilla in the mix). Interesting.

I will say that I probably ate too much chocolate while I was there. Their chocolate is STRONG and I forgot that real chocolate contains caffeine. The result was a very jittery Trinity. Perhaps I need a lesson in moderation.


  1. very cool to learn about that whole 70% question on dark chocolate. i love it! i wish i could've been there with you.

  2. Send chocolate . . . .mmmmmm

  3. I don't have time to blog, but I do have time to comment. I'd be in to going back next time, just for the hot chocolate! And yes, the chocolate caffeine buzz was pretty exciting! Well, back to homework...

    OK - Apparently I haven't figured out this whole comment thing since I posted this on the wrong entry... I'll figure it all out some day!


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