Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fanny The Destroyer

1, 2, 3, DEAD!

Fanny may look cute and cuddly but don't let that innocent exterior fool you. She is a destroyer!

On her first night home I knitted her a mouse. She quickly became obsessed with it. There are many other toys for her to play with including some with catnip but the mouse is her favorite. She chases it down, grabs it in her front claws and takes a big ol' bite out of it. Basically in attempt to rip it open and eat it. It wasn't long before she succeeded.

Behold a series of pictures to illustrate the rapid demise of the mouse.

First Night (Fanny was still recovering from the spaying surgery she had that day).

One Week (looking a wee bit ragged)

Two Weeks (notice the mouse has been blinded)

Three Weeks (the innards are on the outside)

We finally had to take the mouse away. She had created three gaping holes and we kept finding the stuffing all over the house.

Mouseless, she has now turned her focus on bug hunting. Paul and I heard her making noise in my closet so we went in to see what she was doing. We saw her reaching towards something. When we looked closer we saw that she had tracked down a millipede. We watched her reach for it as it was just outside of her reach, follow it as it moved around and, as soon as she had the opportunity, she scooped it up and ate it! Yup. She surprised us. We expected that she would bat it around a little for fun, but nope, she just went CHOMP CHOMP and it was gone. That is, she ate it all except one disembodied wiggling leg that landed on the floor. Was that too much information?


  1. aah, poor mouse. i wonder if felting it would have slowed down the destruction any...

    on the up side, the mouse was very cute!

  2. What a lucky household - a environmentally safe bug killer! She seems like a great addition to your home. Ya gotta love her . . . Mom


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