Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tanglewood and some WIPs

Finally! Something is finished, photographed and eligible to be posted on the blog. I present to you the Tanglewood Cascading Cardigan by Valley Yarns knit in Lenox yarn.

After these photographs were taken the clasp above broke. I've emailed the company because they told me it would be unbreakable. Hopefully they can give me a new stick.

Since the baby knitting is pretty well covered, I've also started on the Kotan Poncho. So far I am not pleased with the pattern writing. There are lots of mistakes in the pattern. So far I have been able to make modifications to keep the knitting on track, but, really, how many mistakes should a one page pattern contain?!

Also, upon receiving the news that my grandma is going to need chemo treatment, I started a hat for her. I am knitting up the Foliage hat from Knitty in Malabrigo. This is a top-down hat, which is fun for me, because, I've always knit them from the brim up in the past. The buttery soft merino wool should be soft enough for her to wear if she loses her hair.

Special thanks to Paul for being my sweater photographer. I tried it on my own and found out it is a two person job to photograph bigger projects.


  1. Damn, girl, you got mad skillz. That cardi is GORGEOUS!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your gran. I'll get hold of you soon for talkings.

  2. I LOVE the sweater! I LOVE the sweater! You're so talented! And, yes, I too was sorry to hear about your grandma. I am glad you'll get to see her soon. Jer.

  3. the cardigan turned out beautifully!

    as for badly written patterns with errors, it drives me absolutely bonkers... i mean, i knit a lot of FREE patterns with no errors... and then i PAY for patterns with errors? where is the justice in that! aggghhh!


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