Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sticky and Swirly

Ever since I saw Flour bakery competing for the best sticky rolls on the Food Network, I've been wanting to go sample one for myself.

It was worth getting up on a Sunday morning and tolerating the crying kids with grandparents waiting for the nearby Children's Museum to open up. This was a seriously sticky sticky bun. Delicious.

I've also been having cravings for a sweet thing that my mom baked when I was little: Marble Swirl Bundt Cake. Since mom is hundreds of miles away, I had to bake my own.

Sometimes my mom even let my sister and I eat this for breakfast. Having cake for breakfast seriously thrilled me then and it STILL DOES!!


  1. Yummy looking cinnamon rolls. Want to eat them now! :)

  2. You are craving a lot of sweets lately. . . hmmmm . . . anything else you want to share with us?! Love you, Mom
    p.s. your bundt cake looks even better than the ones I used to bake! Except I took it out of the pan before I cut it!


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