Sunday, March 2, 2008

Skirmish at Deerfield

It just so happened that my trip out "west" coincided with the 304th anniversary of a skirmish at Deerfield. After breakfast, I headed further north and west to Historic Deerfield.

Historic Deerfield is a functioning street with residents and a school intermixed with homes that have been preserved for people to tour. It was neat to be walking down a street and be allowed to walk into homes and snoop around. The houses represented the lives of people of varying levels of wealth and spanned a good amount of years.

The surrounding land was picturesque especially with all of the snow.

In one of the buildings, they were demonstrating open hearth cooking. Notice the dangling chicken spinning on a strip of leather.

The skirmish was reenacted by people in costume. It was far less engaging than I had hoped, so I cut out a little early.

While touring the houses, I met a lot of interesting people. Despite it being a special event weekend, there were not a lot of people touring each of the houses so I got a lot of one on one time with the guides. I could tell they really felt connected to the people and the time periods that they were there to talk about.

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