Saturday, September 20, 2008

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Fanny totally adores the windows in our new apartment. She has found the bedroom windows to be especially interesting. There are a few squirrels that frequent the tree outside of the bedroom. I often wake up to her talking to the squirrels and them talking back to her. The meow she uses for the squirrels is unlike her regular meow. The other evening one very brave squirrel came right up the window and stared me down. I think he might have been asking if Fanny could come out to play.

When choosing fabric for the bedroom curtains, we took into consideration the fact that her fur will likely end up all over them. We figured the best choice was to match her.

I can sit for hours and knit without needing to step away from it. In settling into this apartment, I discovered that I am an antsy person when it comes to painting and sewing. The focus that I feel when knitting doesn't transfer to other activities. When sewing or painting, I tend to work a little at it, then step away for a while to do something else and then come back to it again. It took me an evening and a morning to make the three bedroom curtains, which is probably way too much time as these were exceptionally easy to make. Remaining on my To Do List are 5 living room curtains which will each be 2 panelled, 1 dining room curtain and a closet curtain. My little Shark sewing machine is going to be busy.

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  1. YOU are BRILLIANT. I wonder if we could find curtain material that is black, orange, white, and grey to match the Simon/Rowan combo hair.


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