Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year at Home

One year ago today Paul and I closed on our house. It has been an eventful year during which time we have done concrete work, had our stove poop out on us, had professional tree work done, established our garden, painted, reaped the benefits of the raspberries the last owner planted, stained the deck and countless other experiences. It has been amazing to own a piece of land and a house of our very own. I love that we are still in the city and that we now have this little bit of it that we can develop and nurture and let our roots settle into.

It feels amazing (and a little bit scary) to have complete responsibility for this home of ours. The learning curve has been steep with each thing our little old house has needed, but so far we are getting along swimmingly. Tonight we celebrated the occasion in our usual manner: with a home cooked dinner and a nice bottle of wine. The dinner just happened to include basil from our herb garden that needed thinning.

Stay tuned for a full-on, start of the season, state of the garden report.


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