Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well folks, we have another Softball BBQ under our belts.  This year marks year 3 (year 1, year 2) at our house and involved a new twist: homebrew!  Paul and Mark brewed 2 batches of beer exclusively for this party.  They were a hit (punny!)!

This year I relished the company and focused on hostess duties instead of taking pictures.

However, Josue's fruit shark most definitely warranted a run inside for the camera.  His creation was fun from all angles with cherries for eyes and a watermelon fin.

At long last, the weather has made a return to normal!  We had perfect weather yesterday.  And today, we awoke to a chilly but sunny morning with cool breezes and beams of sunshine making their way through the bedroom window.  It was glorious to have a cup of tea in bed while chatting with Paul about the previous day's merriment.

Today's agenda is simple: relax and soak up the day at a slow pace.  It fits the bill.

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