Monday, August 13, 2012

Putzin' and Swappin'

That table in the background of this picture has been 3 years in the making.  Actual it was 24 hours in the making, but it took 3 years to get to the point of making.  Let me go back to the start of this story.  Our house came with a wonderful back deck.  Since we live on a busy street, our backyard is our place of semi-privacy and peace and it is also our place to hang with the dogs in the fresh air.  I came into the house with visions of meals, cups of tea and glasses of wine consumed at a table on our deck, preferably with friends and family.  As I would soon find out, Paul, who is not super particular about decorating, has really strong feeling about the aesthetics of outdoor furniture.  Commence 3 years of searching for a table that he would deem acceptable for our deck.

As you can tell from the photo, we found a winner! Here's the thing; the winner was a plan for a table, not an actual table.  We considered making it ourselves, but we lack the tools, the time and the energy for more projects at this point.  Plus, I was getting impatient after 3 years of table-seeking!  Luckily for us, we know Putzin' Bob.  Bob is a vendor at our local farmers' market and has made 3 custom pieces for the inside of our house.  Bob's prices are incredibly fair, partly due to the fact that his materials are reclaimed.  Bob took Ana White's Simple Outdoor Dining Table plan and made a few improvements on it for us.  We asked for a center hole for an umbrella and he strengthened the table legs.  Our table top is made from reclaimed redwood deck boards and the legs are reclaimed wood posts from a playground set.  And, the 24 hour part?  Putzin' Bob is a misnomer; we got the call letting us know it was finished less than 24 hours after confirming the order.

Since the arrival of the table, I have been enjoying it a lot.  The weather started to cool down in the evenings, which makes the deck a great place to relax at the end of the day.  My fingers are still crossed, though, as we have yet to identify an acceptable shade umbrella and set of chairs to complete the arrangement.

What about those herbs?  Those were destined for my friend Holly.  Holly and I met through swapping and even though the MPLS Swappers are not currently swapping, we are keeping the spirit alive.  Holly's house is a CSA drop site, which means when the drops aren't all picked up by the members, she is flush with veggies!  As a friend, neighbor and produce lover, I am sometimes the emergency recipient of an unclaimed CSA share.  My dad isn't coming and going from town this year, so I haven't been getting the usual overflow from his garden.  I have my own garden, so some things I have in abundance (herbs!).  However,  some things that I crave, I didn't plant (watermelon!).  When Holly passes on a share, I like to give a little something back.  This week it was an herb assortment.  What a lovely arrangement we have.  I am grateful!


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  2. I am grateful for you too Trinity! Nice table! I can't believe I didn't take note of it at the wing thing but again I was a lady with very little sleep over a span of three days...wait did I even make it to the wing party?

  3. Trinity, do you think Putzin' Bob would travel to Pittsburgh? Love your table! It's just what I have been looking for. (we still have a white resin table and chairs)..When I show my husband he will say,....."I can make that for you." I better find a carpenter and fast. How's your garden?


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