Monday, November 12, 2012

Crookedest Street and Tourist With a Death Wish

When I checked into my hostel, I was given a map of San Francisco.  The cute little squiggly part is a funny detail.  I knew I would be visiting that stretch to see how truly crooked the "crookedest" street is.

I earned the view, by hiking up the back side of Lombard Street.  It. Was. Steep.  I was still recovering from the stomach bug I acquired on my flight, so that walk up was a bit, um, trying.  For the record, vomiting does not make for a great travel companion.  Luckily, I was only out of commission for the first afternoon/evening and then needed to be a bit gentle with myself for the next 2 days.  It didn't stop me, though!  I still packed a lot in!  After taking a few breaks on my walk up the hill, I got to the top and caught this great view straight down Lombard.

The crooked stretch of the street is landscaped with an incredible amount of hydrangeas.  It smelled wonderful!

 There were a few signs around explaining information about the street and giving instructions.

There were also tons of tourists.  

 Some of them, like this lady, were not obeying the signs.  She put herself in harms way to get a picture taken in the exact spot where the signs say not to stand.  She didn't just stay there for a quick second either.  She kept trying to step into traffic so her friend could get a better shot!

After getting my fill of the crooked part of Lombard, I continued all the way to its end, where I visited Coit Tower.  More about that tomorrow!

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