Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trolley Dances - Part 2

Welcome back!  If you missed it, Part 1 of the Trolley Dances is here.

When we left off, Becky and I and our fellow Trolley Dance audience members were on a train to the next dance site.  When we got off the train, we crossed the street and came upon an accordion player on stilts.

And then the trees came alive with dancers on stilts!

The musician and the dancers led us down the sidewalk pied piper style. It was at once solemn and playful, fantastical and ominous.

Following, following, following...

The dancers led us for about 3 blocks, melding into the building facades and slinking along all while the accordion music played.

We stopped when we got to the site where 2 of the dancers performed a duet; her on stilts and he at his given height.  The juxtaposition of heights made for engaging and unusual choreography.

The original stilt dancers again led us on our way until we bid farewell at a park.

After a short walk into the park, we were greeted by the sound of hand drums.  The drums could be heard before the dancers were visible.  Once we had all gathered around, the dancers and drummers performed for us. This performance made me miss the African dance classes I used to take when I lived in Massachusetts.  Such great energy!

And then, on to one more site!  This group made use of all of the space!

This performance told the history of the community we were in, which was appropriate since the space they used was the community college grounds.

I really enjoyed this performance all the way through, but I was especially tickled by the drumming on signs.

I am so glad we found out about this event!  It felt like it connected us with the community in a way that tourists don't usually get to experience.  2012 was the 9th year of this event and I got the sense that there were people in our group who had been to this event over many of the past years.

Want to see more of the 2012 San Francisco Trolley Dances?  Well, here you go!

And this, too!

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